The Cancel – Light

Let’s just lay down and chill a bit while listening to this juicy instrumental track from the new album of The Cancel, don’t frorget to check his other beats !

And here is two of his other piano instrumentals that also sound great :

Krystian Shek – Got Soul (Poldoore Remix)

I know this remix is 2 years old but it’s not that popular for the moment and I just found it a few days ago ! So it basically sounds like an old Gramatik song mixing funk and a modern beat, hope you like it :

Banks – Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)

We always love those electronic melodies mixed up with soul and r’n’b, so let me present you the english artist, Snakehips which makes awesome fruity beats ! The first one is an official remix made almost a month ago of Warm Water made by Banks and I think this song is better than the original :

And in extra here is a bootleg of the famous song Gold originally made also by a very good artist, Bondax :