HONNE – Didn’t I

Introducing the brand new track Didn’t I made by a very promising band we just discovered coming from South London. It’s a great mix between Soul, Indie and RnB introducing a sensuous voice and we can directly spot influences from Franck Ocean and James Blake :

This song is originally made by the popular singer Darondo :
And there is also a famous remix done by Flex Cop named This Is Not Meth :
Discover which one you prefer and don’t forget to check out other beats from HONNE (especially Coastal Love)
PS : as HONNE proclaims everywhere : let’s show our 本音 (True Feelings)

LarryKoek – Île de Luna (Original Mix)

The duo Lars and Mark, named LarryKoek , impressed us even more with their brand new track Île de Luna. This deep house beat introduces well the summer and the holidays that we can’t wait for anymore. Their straight from Amsterdam and are more known for their remix of Hungry, originally made by Dotan. But we also love their track named Premiere Fois (meaning “First Time” in French)
Hope you guys enjoy !


The band Oasis is the Sunday Classic of 2015. This English band has broken up in 2009 and we can say that they made beautiful songs during those 18 years together. Today, Liam and Noel Gallagher (the two brothers pioneer of the band) are making their own music, more or less successful. We all know the song Wonderwall, the song that everyone plays on the guitar, so here are other songs that we found even better that we should all rediscover :

Don’t Look Back In Anger is probably one of their best song, without forgetting the guitar solo :

Stop Crying You Heart Out : 

Some Might Say : 

Without forgetting :

Champagne Supernova 


-Rock’n’ Roll Star


Madeon – You’re On ft. Kyan

Our beloved french producer Madeon just released a new single named You’re On. It’s a perfect new track this 20 years old producer just released, without even talking about the Official Video showing us a world that perfectly fits with Madeon’s unique style. We can’t wait for the second part of the video and his new album “Adventure” coming out in 2015 :

Coldplay – Yellow

Let’s go for another classic music Sunday with this time the song Yellow made by Coldplay from the incredible single Parachutes. This great song was made in one night while the band came back from a little walk under the stars. The song’s lyrics are a reference to band vocalist Chris Martin’s unrequited love and also to the mother of a band member who had her skin turning yellow, which explains the lyrics “Your skin, oh yeah your skin and bones turn into something beautiful” .
This song is definitely one of their best and mixes really well a lot of emotions :
And here is a great live at Sidney in 2003 :

Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning

I suggest now every one or two weeks on Sundays, to put a song that we think is classic just to remember that there are still some great songs out there that we just can’t forget. So for this first Sunday, what can we suggest else than the great song Sunday Morning made by Maroon 5 in 2003. They’ve gone a long way since, you may or may not like them now, but this song is definitely a classic of Maroon 5 offering a lot of emotions. I hope you guys will like this new feature, peace :